about me

It all began with a deep love for animals. Then I learned how we are trashing their planet.

Hey I’m Paige, a Canadian living in the beach side community of Prince Edward County. I am an avid traveller with a child-like wonder of the world. I love exploring and new places and it’s unlikely you’ll find me passing up an opportunity for adventure. It is on these adventures where I’ve witnessed the level of damage and stress the tourism industry is causing our planet, its people, and the wildlife population.

I am now determined to protect this world and all it’s creatures. So I’ve started taking actionable steps in my everyday life to stand up for them.


The longer story…

A long time ago, in a land somewhat far away

I went into a career of broadcast journalism with the intention of working as a foreign correspondent and documentarian exploring social and environmental issues.

This stemmed from my passion for exploring and learning about the world, and developing connections with each place I went and my desire to have a positive impact on the planet.

While my journey led me to a small lakeside community in Ontario, I still find ways to connect with new places, learn about different cultures, and indulge in new experiences that both challenge me and broaden my respect for Earth.

For my birthday in 2018, my husband took me away for a weekend to another province where we stayed in a quaint log cabin. We spent the weekend outdoors reconnecting with each other and nature. On the last morning we went for breakfast at a humble diner. We sat down, ordered our meals – my husband’s came with toast, we enjoyed each other’s company while fondly reflecting on our time away. Then our meals came. And just like that everything changed for me.

Just like every other diner when you order toast it comes with jam… in those single-use, single-serve mass-produced plastic packets. Unexpectedly and with such force that jam-packet lit a spark in me. I can’t fully explain the timing of it but I was instantly frustrated that plastics are used so carelessly. I mean we were sitting down not taking to go! And so was born The Ethical Nomad. I didn’t need to ask the question “why now?” What I did know was why I felt this way, timing was irrelevant. And at that point the only question is “what now?”

The Ethical Nomad stemmed from a belief that one person can make a difference in the health of our planet. They just have to make a choice and try. The more we spend time in nature and experience different places in the world (whether that’s above and below water or travelling to different countries, or both) the more connected we feel to the Earth and all living things. It is my belief that this connectedness fuels our ability to become environmental stewards, and thus make the changes we need to ensure our planet once again flourishes.

Our choices matter, big or small, saying no to a jam-packet or buying an electric vehicle. using a reusable bag or covering your home in solar panels. They’re each important. Small actions taken by many compound into big change. It’s not about being perfect it’s about being consistent and just simply trying.

My hope is that I can offer you information that both inspires and equips you with the tools you need to explore what sustainability means to you both in the daily choices you make but also in how you think about your life and the impact we each have on this planet.

I’m on a mission to build a community of environmental stewards.

When I'm not traveling, taking pictures, or writing you can find me by the beach looking for my next favourite surf spot, hiking with my great dane, spending quality time with friends and family, gushing over my veggie garden, or bundling up on my favourite couch in a heavy blanket with a hot tea (or wine, let’s be real!) and dark chocolate for a movie night or a good book! I also love sunset rope swings and cannonballs off the local bridge, exploring vegan restaurants, and freshly picked fruit. Basically anything food related!

I invite you to follow along with my blog and join me on this journey to live more mindfully. If you’d like to receive updates on new content right to your inbox you can subscribe to my newsletter below.