Best Ever DIY Dry Shampoo


Sometimes the way forward is taking a step back.

The zero waste movement encapsulates this very well. Many zero waste solutions aren't new solutions at all but rather the way things were done before. These solutions are often improved as our standards for certain products have been raised, but they're an ode to the past, nonetheless.

The beauty and self-care industry is a $500 billion per year global industry that relies heavily on plastic!

Before plastic packaging was a thing beauty products came in solid form or were powders, pastes, or pomades that came in tins and jars.

Let's ditch the throw-away mentality and take a step back.

This recipe for the best dang dry shampoo is the easiest DIY you might ever do!

You probably don’t need me to tell you that using store-bought dry shampoo too often is bad for your hair. But I will anyway!

Here are some reasons to avoid that store bought aerosol stuff that leaves your hair feeling weak, dry, and unloved.

  1. It causes hair breakage. Aerosol dry shampoos most often contain alcohol, which is super drying for your hair so while you think it’s your friend sopping up your 4 day unwashed greasy mess before heading out the door (thank you) it’s actually quietly plotting it’s revenge, breaking your hair overtime.

  2. Using it day after day can cause a build up and actually dull your hair colour.

  3. The toxins in some aerosol dry shampoos are actually lung irritants, which are bad for anybody, but especially if you or anyone in your house is asthmatic.

  4. Store-bought aerosol dry shampoos often contain talc, silicones, liquid petroleum gas, and cetrimonium chloride. These are all awful for many reasons including toxicity levels, , containing asbestos fibres, harmful to our ozone and air quality, and at the very least causing hair static.

But yet, with all these drawbacks we still love her. Why?

  1. Because she saves us time

  2. She prevents us from over-washing our hair causing more damage

  3. She makes us look and feel gorgeous in a pinch, so we can get on worrying about more important things, like what basic Tee feels most appropriate today. Ahem, I mean the planet. Definitely the planet!

Luckily, there is a way to get the best of both worlds: a dry shampoo that save us time and doesn’t cause damage. And it all comes down to one ingredient. Okay, maybe two or three optional ones depending on your hair colour and preference. But first, here are some additional reasons why DIY dry shampoo is so much better:

  1. It’s WAY cheaper!

  2. You can buy the ingredient(s) in bulk

  3. Better for the environment

  4. It works!

  5. It’s ridiculously easy. Like I mentioned before, one ingredient. So the question is… Can you make it in the 20 second countdown before the next episode on Netflix starts automatically?


3 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder (substitute for corn starch)

Optional ingredients:

Cocoa Powder: simply add in enough to tint to match your hair colour.

2 drops Tea Tree essential oil for scent and a natural cleansing agent

Any other essential oils you want to add for scent, customize to your preference!

Simply mix ingredients together. Store it in a jar and apply with a makeup brush. Or store it in a repurposed herb shaker and shake onto your roots. Then rub it in to hide the evidence!